Wise With Water


At buyirrigation.co.uk we know the value of this precious resource. We all need to do our bit to save this natural water supply for future generations. Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of the water you have available whilst still enjoying your garden in full bloom during the summer.



Wise with Water... Tip 1

Don't water in the heat of the day. The water will evaporate and head for the sky. Water in the evening when the sun goes down or  buy a battery water timer and water during the night when it's most efficient.


Wise with Water...Tip 2

Cover your beds and borders with a thick mulch of bark chips. It helps retain the moisture and also keeps the weeds down. The addition of a small drip pipe under the mulch will allow you to water directly on the surface of the soil where it is put to best effect.


Wise with Water...Tip 3

Water your grass with a sprinkler and not a hose pipe with your finger over the end. With a hose you never know exactly how much water you are spraying. Some areas will get more than others and it is very wasteful. With a good sprinkler you can obtain its output so you can soon calculate how much water you are applying.

Pop-up sprinklers are even more efficient as a correctly designed system from buyirrigation.co.uk will give you even coverage for a minimum amount of application.


Wise with Water...Tip 4

Look into storing as much natural rainfall as you can. Get a series of water buts or containers around the garden and collect the runoff from your roofs or garden shed. There are many products available to do this. Used orange and fruit juice containers are available to purchase at a reasonable cost.

Once you have the container a portable pump can be used to distribute the water around the garden. If you are able to store your water all in one location you have the makings of an efficient garden irrigation system.


Wise with water...Tip 5 

Don't water too often. Watering in a controlled manner twice or three times a week will encourage your plants to go down with their roots to search for water. This leaves them stronger and more able to survive drought conditions.


Wise with water...Tip 6

Have you an unused well or borehole at the bottom of the garden? Many older properties do hidden in the undergrowth and it could be your own private water supply. Let buyirrigation.co.uk take a look and advise you on utilising this water. You can legally have 20 cubic meters per day (thats 4400 gallons without a licence)!


Wise with Water...Tip 7

Grey water from your bath or shower is great for watering the garden. It wont harm your plants and it is a wonderful recycling idea. (Its not a good idea for edible crops)


Wise with Water...Tip 8

A drip irigation system for your borders and tubs is a great way of making the most of your available water. water is applied through a number of small outlets along a pipe in a controlled mnner directly at the soil surface. A 100m length of pipe could water more than 50 square m of planted area. Connect to a timer and water at night for the most efficient method of irrigation


It is currently the only reccommended method of watering during the current hose pipe drought restrictions in the South West of England commencing April 2012


Wise with Water...Tip 9

Calling all Landscapers. For newly planted trees look at the GreenWell Reservoirs. A great way to establish and maintain a newly planted tree.


And Finally...

Wise with Water...Tip 10

Seek advice. Not all irrigation companies are out to sell you lots of expensive irrigation  kit. Most are out there to offer good sensible advice with cost effective watering solutions.