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Automatic watering systems are the ideal solution for most gardens. If your budget doesn't stretch that far offer a range of sensibly-priced, large area professional grass watering and smaller lawn watering products to suit most applications.


The Nelson 1865 Rain Train travelling sprinkler is the ideal solution for the watering of lawns and smaller areas of grass

Manufacured of cast iron with aluminium sprinkler arms this unit is not to be confused with cheaper plastic models.

Just connect a 1/2" hose to the back of the sprinkler and lay the hose out around the area to be irrigated avoiding hairpin turns. Sit the front wheel over the hose pipe and set the speed of travel on the gearbox (two speeds and stationary).

Turn the water on and the rotating arms begin to turn which in turn drives the machine forwards watering the grass as it follows the pipe.

A shut off ramp installed at the end of the run shuts off the water whilst bringing the machine to a halt.

The machine irrigates a diameter of between 5 and 15m and moves forwards up to 20m per hour. It requires at least 40psi at the mains tap to operate.

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Garden and small area travelling sprinkler                              £132

   VAT and delivery extra

Buy 50m of professional hose with the sprinkler and get 2 brass hoselock type hose connectors free                                 £60

                                 VAT and delivey extra








The Rollcart - An economic and efficient method of irrigating large areas of turf with minimum effort and reasonable cost.

This heavy duty German engineered machine is powered by water and can irrigate an entire football field in two passes!


Just pull out the nylon cable and stake using the metal spike provided, connect a 1" hose to the machine and your water supply and set the machine to operate. The water driven turbine winds the cable back on to the drum whilst the sprinkler irrigates dragging the hose behind it. Once the machine reaches the end of the cable it automatically shuts off.


  • Adjustable Speed Control - 6 to 70 m/hr
  • 110m of nylon cable provides a maximum irrigated length of 122m
  • Standard full or part circle sprinkler (1.8 - 3.4 cubic m/hr)
  • 21 - 26m pass width
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Water turbine drive mechanism
  • 1" QC coupling included for hose 


Sports field and large area travelling sprinkler                     £1300                VAT and delivey extra


RM Speedy Rain mini hose reel irrigation machine.


A range of small hose reel irrigators with low pressure requirements and offering a cost effective solution for irrigating football and rugby clubs, sports fields and parks, equestrian complexes and market gardens.

Small and compact, the Speedy Rain range of hose reel irrigators deliver water via a sprinkler mounted on a skid or trolley (depending upon the model) via a polyethylene hose that is mounted on a drum. Simply position the machine at the end of the run, disengage the drive, and pull the hose and sprinkler down the area to be watered. One in position engage the drive piston and turn on the water. The hose is then automatically wound back on the drum pulling the sprinkler and irrigating as it goes.

Once the sprinkler reaches the drum it automatically stops switching the water off enabling the machine to be moved to the next position.



2 models available - 200P -25mm hose x 50m long, 300P - 32mm hose x 90m long


Low Pressure operation (200P from 1.5 Bar - 300P from 3.5 Bar)

Low Pressure Piston Drive mechanism

Variable rewind speeds

Part circle sprinkler supplied on skid base (25mm x 50m model) or 2 wheel adjustable trolley (32mm x 90m model)

Water connection hose with QC couplers supplied

Water and Pressure Requirements

200P - 0.7 to 2.3 cum/hr, 1.5 to 3 Bars

300P - 1.0 to 1.6 cum/hr, 3.5 to 5 Bars


The 200P machine (25mm hose x 50m)                                 £1200

VAT and delivery extra 


The 300P Machine (32mm hose x 90m)                                 £2250

VAT and delivery extra