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Hunter sprinklers from

With the Hunter range of sprinklers from you can be assured of the highest quality and value for money. With a huge selection of pop-ups and spray heads available,  you will definately find a suitable unit for your application, whether for golf irrigation, commercial landscape or residential irrigation systems. If you can't we will find it for you!






Hunter TTS 900 Series - Total Top Service Rotors

Ideal for Golf and large turf these rotors can throw up to 29m for the full circle model. Available in full circle, (G900), adjustable arc models, (G995), with an pressure regulated electric Valve-in-Head,(E version), and Check-o-Matic, (C version).

The unique feature of the 900 series is that every serviceable part of the sprinkler can be accessed from the top without disturbing the surrounding ground.

Prices range from £195 to £220 





Hunter TTS 800 Series - Total Top Service Rotors

In design, as above but with a G870 full circle and G835 and G875 adjustable arc models in both electric Valve-in-Head and Check-o-Matic version with a throw up to 22m, and a G880 full/part circle unit with a throw of up to 26.8m

The sprinkler is idealy suited to golf greens, fairway systems and larger sports turf.

Prices range from £60 to £205                       






Hunter G70 Series Block Rotor

The G70B and G75B is ideally suited to golf and large turf applications where budget is a priority. Designed for block systems with the use of a seperate solenoid valve the G70B (full circle model) will throw up to 22.9m and the G75B (adjustable arc) with throw up to almost 22m. with a built in stabilising flange 76mm pop-up height and check valve, the sprinkler offers all the features of many more expensive units.

Prices range from £78 to £90







Hunter I-90 Large Turf Rotor

Designed for parks, sports fields and public areas, the I-90 rotor provides massive performance at a competitive price. The I-9036V (full circle model) features opposing nozzles and will throw up to 29.3m. The I-90ADV (adjustable arc model) will throw up to 27.4m

A heavy duty rubber cover protects the unit from damage. A turf cup kit allows a section of natural turf to be fitted to the top of the riser making it almost invisible.

Prices range from £120 to £165 (including turf top)






Hunter I-60 Large Turf Rotor Rotor

The I-60 large turf rotor designed for large landscape and park situtations where lower available pressures and flows make it difficult to cover large areas with standard sprinklers. The I-6036S (full circle model) will throw up to 20.4m and the I-60ADS (adjustable arc model) will throw up to 20.1m. The unique Prescision Distribution Control nozzles allow low flows to achieve very even distribution with large casting ranges. Less water application means less runoff in difficult ground conditions.

Prices for either model are £90




Hunter I-40 Ultra Rotor

The I-40 Ultra is available in 6 model configurations. With a 4" and 6" riser  models with a stainless steel riser and in full circle opposing nozzles and adjustable arc versions. A high speed version is also available in full and adjustable arc models for areas that require rapid rotation like shale and clay tennis courts. The standard models are best used in srorts and recreational facilities and with a small exposed ruber cover and turret protection from injury is minimised on a playing surface. With a throw of up to 23m it is a big performer.

Prices range from £63 to £80




Hunter I-25 Ultra Rotor

The I-25 Ultra is a sprinkler built to last. With full and part circle features available in one model the unit is available in 4" and 6" risers in plastic or stainless steel. A 4" and 6" high speed model is available also in stainless steel. Ideally suited for commercial landscape, sports, golf tees and large residential applications the sprinkler will throw up to 21.6m and delivers high performance with compact deign and economic cost.

Prices range from £33 to £53




Hunter I-20 Ultra Rotor

The I-20 Ultra Rotor is a commercial grade unit that is equally at home on a commercial sports or landscape site or a residential garden. With a series of 3 riser models (4", 6" and 12") and stainless steel risers available for the 4" and 6" the unit delivers a maximum throw of 14.3m. A combination of Low angle nozzles, high flow nozzles and short radius nozzles make this unit extremely versatile in many applications. Again the Trade Mark FloStop feature is included.

Prices range from £16 to £31



Hunter MP Rotator

When launched this product was acclaimed as a revolution in irrigation technology. It is a high performance low flow and pressure nozzle range capable of throwing up to 9m. With three models available and 3 seperate arc adjustment types for each model the unit emits streams of water from a rotating disc that pops up from its housing. It can be mounted on a pop-up spray body or fixed to a rigid riser. Either way it distributes water very efficiently. One added advantage of this unit is that any of the 3 models and arc ranges can be mixed together on the same zone providing the same amount of precipitation (matched precipitation rate), making for simler design and fewer zones. Small arc nozzles and strip nozzles are now also available thus completing the range.

These units have a mass of applications from irrigating bunker faces on golf courses, dust supression on roadways, flower borders and lawns.

Prices range from £6


Hunter PGJ Rotor

Ideally suited to smaller commercial or residential applications the Hunter PGJ sprinkler comes in a range of 4 models, 10cm riser, 15cm riser and 30cm riser. There is also a shrub version that fits to a rigid riser for above ground applications. With a maximum throw of 11.6m the unit can be alternative to spray heads where lower flows are required on heavy soils Typically the unit uses one third as much  water than a typical spray head covering the same area. This can mean smaller pipes and a lower pumping requirement.

Prices range from £12 to £23



Hunter PGP Rotor

Known as the worlds best selling residential and light commercial rotor the PGP has been around for over 25 years and has remained on the top spot throught this time.

Manufactured in 2 models the 4" pop-up and the shrub model the sprinkler features reversible full circle and adjustable part circle in one unit. With standard, low andle and the new highly efficient and accurate Blue nozzles the unit is simple to install and easy to use.

Loved by installers and customers alike

Prices range from £12 to £14



Hunter Pro-Spray Sprinkler Bodies

The Pro Spray body is designed to be used with the MP rotator nozzle or spray head nozzles. The bodies come in 5 different riser heights (2", 3", 4", 6", 12") and are used wherever an MP Rotator is required.

The units are built to last with a heavy duty retraction spring and reinforced case so can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

The units will also accept a standard female threaded spray nozzle if required. Pressure regulated spray bodies are available for use with the MP Rotator

Prices range from £2 to £16


All Hunter pop-up rotors come with a range of nozzles so that the installer can select and install the nozzle based upon the particular application. Adjustment of any of the sprinklers in the Hunter range is carried out in the same manner using the arc adjustement tool.

The commercial range of sprinklers  (TTS900/700, G70, I-90, I-60, I-40, I-35, I-25, I20) features a 5 year manufacturers warranty from the date of manufacture. The remaining light commercial and residential sprinklers carry a 2 year manufacturers warranty.


All prices are guides only and subject to VAT and carriage. Quantity discounts are available