Drought Busters





During the summer months your water supply is a precious resource. These innovative products from buyirrigation.co.uk will maximise the effectiveness of this water for your garden keeping your plants healthy and your garden beautiful






Water just where you want it






         For Watering Hanging Baskets Pots and Planters 





The Antelco Shrubbler is an adjustable emitter designed  for

hanging baskets, pots and planters. Finger tip flow control regulates from 

a little drip to multiple streams. You can even turn the unit off.


There are 2 models available Shrubbler Spike or Shrubbler Barb.


For the Shrubbler Spike connect a 4mm feed pipe to the inlet barb and cut the pipe to length. Then using the spare connector supplied to fit to the 4mm pipe and insert into your main feed. Then stake the Shrubbler into your pot or planter. It couldn't be simpler. Each dripper emits water at between 0 and 40 litres per hour


The Shrubbler Barb is designed to fit directly on to a 16mm or 20mm poly pipe, or on the end of a 4mm pipe inserted into a Deep Drip watering stake



Shrubbler Spike... £0.50 each 10 units for £4


Shrubbler Barb... £0.45 each 10 units for £3.80


                          4mm PVC feed tube (25m roll)...£10


                          Feed Pipe (50m roll)...£30)       VAT and delivery extra


Barbed connection fittings available at the bottom of the page




Drip Irrigation for Borders 



The most efficient method of watering your plants. Water drips directly on to the soil through a pressure controlled outlet every 33cm along the pipe. The pipe can be buried under the soil surface or under mulch making it even motre efficient. Simply snake around your plants or for wider beds create a grid of pipe using plastic push in fittings available from buyirrigation.co.uk. To secure the pipe to the ground use a soil staple and connect to your water tap.


Drip pipe can also be installed under turf. Contact us for more information.


Drip Pipe Available in 25, 50 and 100m rolls  


Price - 25m Roll...£20  50m Roll...£38  100m Roll £70 


50m Roll 16mm Plain pipe...£30 VAT and delivery extra



Fittings for your Shrubbler or Drip System


                      Pipe hold down stakes £0.40 each


All barbed push in Tees, Elbows, Reducers and Plugs £0.50 each



What about a battery tap timer?


Automate your irrigation system with a Rainbird Battery Timer



Electronic water timer with LCD and function keys


Up to 2 Starts per day


Watering time duration between 1 minute and 6 hours


Manual start function


Requires 2 x AA alkaline batteries


3/4" female inlet and 3/4"male outlet



Price £45 VAT and delivery extra



Water at night, most efficient - Water whilst you are on holiday - No worries during a busy week