Sprinklers and Hose

Whether a complex irrigation system or a simple set up, customers will always want some hose pipe, a sprinkler or a hand watering lance for those 'out of reach' corners. At buyirrigation.co.uk we have selected below some professional products for the serious amateur.

At buyirrigation.co.uk we have selected a number of units from the vast ranges available we consider to be high quality and great value for money. (other sprinklers are available, please contact for details)


Select your Sprinkler






Works at very low pressures, highly efficient

Uses only 5 litres of water per minute

Waters up to a 10m diameter circle

Industrial grade sprinkler head, used in horticulture

Wheeled trolley for ease of momement



 The LO-FLO Sprinkler is

    £25.00 VAT and delivery extra


*Very effective if your water pressure is low


Works at all pressures

Full Circle operation up to a 9m circle

Butterfly type rotating spinner

Water spray most like natural rainfall

1/2" BSP Female inlet


 £10.00 VAT and delivery extra



Adjustable full and part circle

Mainly brass construction

Throws up to 12m with good water pressure

1/2" Male BSP connection thread



£15.00 VAT and delivery extra



* For reasonable mains water pressures


         * For good mains water pressures


Choose Your Sprinkler Stand (Sprinklers not included)


Your sprinkler above can be supplied with the following stand


Stand colours may vary VAT and Delivery extra



Now choose some hosepipe


Megastar reinforced green hose is a new generation of hose that outperforms all others. It is a food quality anti algae hose that is UV stabilized and completely kink and twist resistant. It has a working pressure of 16 Bars and a burst pressure of 25 bars. You will not find a better hose on the market.

But, and best of all, it is a metallic green colour and not yellow!


Supplied in 25, 50 and 100m coils, sizes 1/2" (standard garden) and 3/4"   


Prices 1/2" £1.40/m - 3/4" £2.50/m VAT and delivery extra. Other sizes available


Brass Hose Fittings. Treat yourself to some brass hose fittings. They will not break in the frost, will not rust and last last for years.



                        Hose to female         Tap Connector         Hose Joiner         Male Connector



For 1/2" Hose           £5                         £2.20                    £4.20                     £2.50

For 3/4" Hose           £6                         £2.20                    £5.20                     £2.50                                        



You don't want a sprinkler? How about a Hand Spray or Lance

These sprayers and lances have been selected because its what the professionals use. If you walk around most wholesale nurseries and garden centres you will find this equipment. It may be slightly more expensive than the domestic products but should you purchase you will see why.


Hand Spray



Die Cast Multi-jet                     Industrial Spray Pstol                    40cm Softrain Aluminium Lance

          £15                                             £40.00                                              31.00

VAT and delivery extra - All supplied with either brass 'click' connectors or Geka type


What about a hose trolley?

These hose trolleys are strong, epoxy coated steel or stainless steel and designed to give many years of useful service. The selection below is just a small selection of the more common models. If you require a specific model or type please gve us a call.

                   A                                        B                                         C                                       D

A - Epoxy coated steel portable trolley with hanging bracket. Holds 50m 1/2" hose or 40m of 3/4"              £86

B - Epoxy coated wheeled trolley. Holds 100m of 1/2" hose or 70m of 3/4"                                               £115

C - As above but manufactured in tubular stainless steel                                                                         £161

D - Heavy duty professional hose hanger for fixing on interior or exterior walls                                           £35

VAT and delivery extra on all trolleys