Rain Bird 5000 series pop up rotor is one of the most popular ¾" and high quality rotors in the world.. They are ideal for watering medium to large lawn areas; they are even suitable for some small commercial and sports applications.

The Rain Bird 5000 series pop up rotor is supplied complete with a Rain Curtain™ nozzle set. These give larger droplets for consist performance, effective close watering and even distribution over the entire radius. With built-in radius adjustment they are fully adjustable from 40° through to 360°, with a reversing rotation on full circle setting. An optional true full circle is also available.

Simple installation and serviceability with complete 'top down' adjustment or replacement it takes little more than a flat bladed screwdriver. The 5000 series Rain Curtain™ nozzles sets offer a standard and low angle nozzles (ideal for windy site) also you can use a range of Match Precipitation Rates (MPR). The radius reduction screw allows for up to a 25% decrease in throw.

For durability the Rain Bird 5000 series had a rubber cover; with built-in self flushing arc adjustment screw. Water lubricated gear-drive design and a dual action positive stop wiper seal protects the internals from debris and ensure pop up and retraction.

With the following optional extras; SAM check valve; which holds up to 2.1m of elevation change; preventing puddling or erosion caused by low head drainage. A Pressure Regulating Stem (PRS) to delivery optimum performance and even a stainless steel riser for durability, even individual head isolation so you no longer have to get wet when adjusting the sprinkler!