The Rain Bird 1800 series pop up spray heads have been the worlds most popular spray head for over 25 years. They are available in 2", 3", 4", 6" and 12" pop up heights. they are ideal for watering larger borders areas or small lawns.

The Rain Bird 1800 series pop up spray heads are supplied with a Pop-Top™ flush plug to keep out dirt during installation, and with all sprinkler components removable from the surface servicing and maintenance or replacement header are easy to install.

All the 1800 series pop up spray head are supplied without nozzles, these are sold separately and specifically for each irrigation system i.e.. spray for border areas or rotary nozzles for lawns. Nozzles can be easily adjusted with ratchet adjustment on stem; as well as the built-in adjustment on the nozzle itself.

The 1800 series sprinklers even have option SAM check valve, which holds back water on elevation differences of up to 4.2 metres. In addition you can also have a built-in Pressure Regulation Stem (PRS) for use on systems with a high pressure. This will allow the consistent nozzle performance though each spray head on the system.